911 tapes offer more details regarding alleged attempted murder that unfolded in public

Posted at 1:22 PM, May 29, 2014

BOUNTIFUL, Utah -- 911 tapes reveal frantic moments outside a Bountiful gas station Thursday, as police say a husband tried to run over his wife, then stabbed her.

It happened around 9:30 a.m. near the Common Cents convenience store at 400 North 500 West.

Nearly a dozen people called 911, and many of them were customers filling up at the pumps who suddenly witnessed a bloody attack on the corner. Police said one of the patrons is a hero and saved a Davis County woman from a domestic dispute that spiraled out of control near the intersection.

911 Caller: "He opened her door and pushed her out the car and she started to run. He tried to run her over then attacked her with his hands and stuff."

"The man then exited the vehicle and stabbed or cut the woman," said Lt. Lt. Dave Edwards with the Bountiful Police Department

It was a violent attack in plain view, but it actually began behind closed doors, police said.

50-year-old Stepan Badikyan allegedly assaulted his wife Thursday morning at their Centerville apartment while arguing over whether to divorce.

"(He) cut his wife in the neck area with the box cutter and he also cut himself, subsequent to that, they started to head over to the hospital," said Centerville Assistant Chief Paul Child.

Police said the attack then carried over to Bountiful as the suspect drove into a landscaped area outside the gas station. He then allegedly chased his wife as she ran for her life.

911 caller: "He liked jumped on her and tackled her to the ground."

"It looked like he was punching her in the face and in the side, everything, it was really scary," Witness Shauna Closen said.

"At that point patrons at the store intervened and tackled the man to the ground," Lt. Edwards said.

Dispatcher: "Where's the suspect?"

911 caller: "There's like 3 guys holding him down next to her."

"It takes a hero to take that kind of action," Lt. Edwards said.

"He was amazing and I don't think he knew what he was really doing," Closen said. "He stepped in, he did what he could to get them away from each other and he really did save her life, it was amazing."

As of Thursday, the 46-year-old victim was still being treated at Lakeview Hospital. Police said her injuries are not life-threatening. Her husband is in the Davis County Jail, booked on suspicion of attempted murder.

Centerville Police said they've only been called to the couples' apartment a couple times on minor incidents, nothing this serious. On Thursday, detectives served a search warrant, seizing nearly more than a dozen pieces of evidence. Police said there was clearly evidence of a domestic assault.