Event celebrates near completion of Jordan River Parkway Trail

Posted at 4:46 PM, May 31, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY -- Salt Lake City is celebrating the near completion of the Jordan River Parkway Trail with the "Get Into the River Festival."

“We are celebrating the Jordan River and our community and kind of focusing on this idea of healthy community, healthy environment equals healthy people,” said Emy Maloutas, Salt Lake City Open Space Lands Program Manager.

The Jordan River parkway Trail will connect four counties, including: Utah, Salt Lake, Davis, and Weber.

The 45 mile stretch only has a few gaps, which will soon be closed, at which point it will turn into a 110 mile continuous trail system.

“As much as we have this amazing north and south connection we are not looking at our east west connectors. How can we get the Bonneville Shore Line trail connected to the river,” Maloutas said.

The Get Into the River Festival is meant to introduce people to the trail. The city says the more people who use the trail, the more likely it is to see improvements and draw healthy activity.

“We are building this incredible resource with the river as the center point in our valley. And the potential is unlimited,” said Salt Lake Mayor Ralph Becker.