DEQ proposes wood burning restrictions for certain SLC businesses

Posted at 3:23 PM, Jun 02, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY -- Environmental leaders are working to take more steps to improve air quality in Utah.

The Department of Environmental Quality held a meeting Monday afternoon seeking input on a new proposal that would restrict certain businesses from the use of wood burning stoves.

Environmental leaders say wood burning does contribute significantly to poor air quality – now DEQ has proposed the ban of wood burning to commercial and industrial businesses.

Restaurants that use wood ovens to cook would be exempt.

This is a proposal warranted by people who spoke out at a DEQ meeting in January, officials say. And now health leaders are exploring the possibility.

Currently there are restrictions in place for homes in seven counties in northern Utah on red air quality days.

DEQ held a meeting Monday afternoon in hopes of discussing the proposal with business leaders who would be directly impacted. Feedback will be passed along to board members on Wednesday.

Few business leaders showed up to the meeting. FOX 13 News was there to get comments from the people who did attend.

The Division of Air Quality doesn’t know how many businesses would be impacted since it’s not regulated. Officials say a company does not have to divulge that information.