Rose Park residents speak out to protect their neighborhood golf course

Posted at 10:12 PM, Jun 03, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY -- Residents of Rose Park packed a public hearing in Salt Lake City on Tuesday night to demand that the city council protect its golf course.

“If you close that golf course, it will decrease the quality of life in Rose Park,” said one local resident.

The crowd took advantage of the opportunity to weigh in on the city’s proposed $229 million budget for 2014-15 year.

Following a study conducted by the National Golf Foundation, which found the city’s eight golf courses were facing a $1 million shortfall, the council has been considering the possibility of closing the Rose Park Golf Course.

“People already move out of Rose Park, thinking they can find greener pastures,” said a Rose Park resident. “If you close that golf course, more people will flee Rose Park looking for what they assume are greener pastures. Don’t do that to us. Leave Rose Park open in the same shape it is now.”

The Jordan River Par 3 course is already slated for closure by the council to address the budgetary concerns; however, there are no current plans to close Rose Park, at this point.

As an alternative to closing the course, the study suggested reconfiguring Rose Park’s space to make it more manageable and efficient.

“We need these resources in our community, in order for our community to be better,” said another resident.

The council continued the public hearing until June 22, when they are expected to vote on the budget.

Among some of the other items on the chopping block is the city’s budget for fireworks displays on July Fourth and Pioneer Day.

Due to air quality concerns, the Mayor’s office proposed eliminating the $25,000 shows. However, in a preliminary straw poll vote, the council voted to keep them. They will be meeting with mayor’s office in the coming weeks to discuss the plan further.