Traffic moving smoothly on West Bountiful roadway after gas leak

Posted at 8:13 PM, Jun 03, 2014

BOUNTIFUL, Utah -- Businesses along 500 West in Bountiful are back opened Tuesday after a gas line burst, which forced hundreds of people to evacuate the area.

For more than three hours stores like Lowe's, Costco and Shopko had to close their doors and wait for the situation to improve.

A drilling company was doing some work on an underground pipe trench and hit a high pressure gas line. The gas escaped into the storm drains along street, which made the situation more dangerous, according to emergency officials.

The right lane on 500 West will remain closed at 100 South until Wednesday afternoon, according to a tweet from the Utah Department of Transportation.

Questar Gas plans to work throughout the evening to repair the broken line.

"The problem with this is the gas is going into the storm drain and not dissipating like it normally would, so we have an explosive environment within the storm drains," said Dave Powers of South Davis Metro Fire.

American Laser Skin Care, a small business in the area, had to cancel all its morning appointments and said it had some worried customers.

"When I got out of the treatment room I could smell the gas and that was very scary," said Jennifer McLeam who works at the Skin Care Center. "And as soon as I went outside you could smell it instantly. Everyone was running in a little bit of a panic, so it was very scary."