Utah in pilot project for new fuel tech

Posted at 3:57 PM, Jun 04, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY -- Governor Gary Herbert announced that Utah is among several states that will test a new fuel technology for cars.

The governor made the announcement at his annual Utah Energy Development Summit on Wednesday,  before a crowd of about 1,300 people. The technology, a form of "liquid natural gas" could be used to fuel cars and cut pollution levels, Herbert said.

"I'm proud to know that Utah is going to be at the front, cutting edge of the opportunity to develop this new fuel which could be revolutionary in its application in our lives," he said.

The Fuel Freedom Foundation is backing the idea, which takes methanol and ethanol in natural gas to create the fuel. Joe Cannon, the former owner of Geneva Steel, is involved in the project.

"You can run gasoline ethanol and methanol like this vehicle right here, and it's cheaper and cleaner than gasoline," he said as he stood next to a Ford F-150 that had been converted.

Cannon acknowledged the vehicle got less gas mileage on the alternative fuel, but said it cost more than a dollar a gallon less and put out half the pollution. The alternative fuel is awaiting EPA approval, he said.

At the summit, the governor also announced the conclusion of a 3-year study recommending 26 different methods for energy conservation in Utah.

Read the study here: