Sound Beginnings Summer Camp helps families of kids with hearing loss

Posted at 10:20 PM, Jun 08, 2014

LOGAN, Utah – Sixty five children with hearing loss recently got the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a reporter or a producer, all while learning from teachers and other parents.

The children participated in the Sound Beginnings Summer Camp at Utah State University, and kids got the chance to get hands on with some of the tools used to produce a newscast.

“I wanted to go to the control room only because they had lots of stuff and the other room was just boring,” said Benjamin McIntyre, a student at the camp who gravitated to the control room.

The other room in question was the studio, and some of the children spent time there. Nicole Martin is a speech pathologist and camp coordinator, and she said the camp has a focus.

“The whole camp is centered on families,” she said.

The parents go to classes to learn about technology, literacy and how to advocate for their children while the children learn and play.

“It’s very much like an academic conference or seminar where you’re basically attending different sessions and gleaning as much information as you can get,” Parent Eric Smith said.

Tammy McIntyre is Benjamin’s mother, and she said they are grateful for an opportunity to learn.

“When Benjamin was first diagnosed, it was really frightening,” she said. “There's no hearing loss in our family, and we really had no idea where to start, and really were not familiar with any of the modern technology that is available.”

Todd McIntyre agreed with his wife about the value of such education.

'A lot of it is learning not only from the professionals that are here, but from other parents: What's worked for them, like advocating during IEP process, for example, and learning how to be forceful for the needs of your child," he said.

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