Search warrant on Salem home yields drugs, explosive device, police say

Posted at 7:34 PM, Jun 09, 2014

SALEM, Utah -- Four people were arrested Friday night after a drug search warrant on a Salem residence turned up an explosive device and methamphetamine, according to officials.

Officials say the suspects are also facing child endangerment charges because an 8-year-old child was inside the home at the time of the raid.

The child was visiting her aunt and uncle, Jennifer and Michael Hart, when police came into the home with guns and a search warrant.

“During the course of the search warrant we located methamphetamine, located marijuana, drug paraphernalia and located a device that appeared to be an explosive device,” said Salem police chief Brad James.

Salem police called Utah County Sheriff’s Office to help with the object that appeared to be an explosive device and the bomb squad was dispatched to the area.

“We asked them to come out, look at the device – they came out and said, ‘yeah, it appears to be an explosive device,’ and we turned it over to them and we’re just waiting for them to get back with the preliminary test results of the device,” James said.

Andrew Whiteman and Jesaca Barker were also at the residence with the Harts during the time of the raid.

Whiteman was charged with possession of an explosive device even though he told police it wasn’t a bomb.

In addition to drug possession and drug paraphernalia charges, the four adults are facing child endangerment charges since Jennifer Hart’s niece was at the scene.

Sharon Bodily is the child's grandmother and legal guardian.

“She was only here for a visit for a week. I didn’t know the circumstances when I let her come up here and if I had known she never would have been here,” Bodily said.

The child has returned to Ogden with her grandmother.

The girl told FOX 13 she scared the night police came into the Salem house. But one officer was extra kind.

The girl said the officer came back the next day to bring her a doll for being brave.