Crews respond to three fires in Provo

Posted at 6:10 AM, Jun 10, 2014

PROVO, Utah — Provo firefighters responded to a house fire, a grass fire and brush fire early Tuesday morning.

The former started at a home near 1600 W Center St.

Fire officials responded around 5:30 and closed Center St. in that area as they worked to extinguish the blaze.

The same house caught fire on the morning of April 22. Officials from Provo Fire & Rescue called that fire and two other fires that started that morning “suspicious.”

According to Provo Fire & Rescue officials, the house is owned by the Utah Department of Transportation and is soon to be demolished.

“UDOT’s been working with this structure in this past week to get it and take it down, and so actually it’s supposed to be coming down today,” said Chief Gary Jolley. “That might slow things down a little bit just because we have an investigation to work through today to determine what caused this fire.”

Investigators are highly suspicious the fire was caused by an arsonist who has been targeting other abandoned buildings around Provo.

“He or she has been pretty specific in the ones that they’ve been lighting. Most of the buildings have been under surveillance, so we hope to follow up on that later this morning,” said Deputy Fire Chief Tom Augustus.

Anyone with information that may help the Provo Fire & Rescue in their investigation is asked to call (801) 852-6210.

Fire crews also responded to a brush fire at 900 S 1100 E and a grass fire at 900 S 170 E.

All three fires have been extinguished.