Layton teen speaks out after witnessing mother’s murder

Posted at 9:29 PM, Jun 10, 2014

LAYTON, Utah -- A 17-year-old continues to relive the night his father allegedly stabbed his mother to death right before his eyes.

"I tried my hardest, did everything I could, it wasn't enough," said the teen who is not being identified. "I just know that she's not miserable and she's happier than she was -- she would want me to live my life as if she was still here."

Tuesday police arrested Joe Castillo in the parking lot of a Del Taco in Lake Point. According to Layton police, with the help of multiple agencies, authorities were able to identify the suspect sitting in a car and take him into custody.

"What I can tell and what I saw he has been compliant, from what I can tell he's been non-resistant," said Lt. Jason Hinojosa.

Castillo has been charged with first-degree homicide of his estranged wife and mother of his three children, Kaye Lynn Spackman.

"She was always there for me every step of the way no matter what, whether I did something bad she would still accept me for who I was and gave her love. Always wanted me to be happy she put everyone else's happiness before herself," said her son.

Castillo has been booked into Davis County Jail.