Utah officials offer information on fireworks restrictions in the state

Posted at 9:58 PM, Jun 11, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY -- Fireworks go on sale soon, and that has some cities clamping down on where you can light them.

Firefighters said it's open space where there's dry vegetation that is most vulnerable, and sometimes it's right next to homes. That's why West Jordan, along with other cities, have fireworks restrictions in place.

"We want families to enjoy this time of year with their traditions and just do it safely and legally," said David Ulivarri with the Unified Fire Authority. “We have the temperatures rising, the fuels are drying, and then you add fireworks to the mix and it can be a perfect storm."

That's why many cities in Utah are making sure the public knows about fireworks restrictions early this year. From Salt Lake County to Eagle Mountain and West Jordan, all three have released their restrictions but it will take people to make sure fires don't start.

"They need to watch what's around them, and if there's a field next to their home, they shouldn't be lighting fireworks around there," said Deputy Chief Reed Scharman with the West Jordan Fire Department.

Not only are rules in place about where you can and can't light fireworks, but there's also rules about when it's legal to set them off. You can light fireworks between July 1st and July 7th and then again from the 21st to 24th.

Scharman said flames can be ignited easily, even with a simple sparkler.

"The cheat grass, the light stuff that's dead and laid over gets burned fairly quickly, and once that takes off, then the larger weeds, even some that might look green, will begin to burn, and at that point it can spread in all directions," he said.

"These restrictions are put in place because there's risk to property and even our firefighters’ lives are at risk when these fires start," Ulivarri said.

Officials said the message is to play it safe. If you choose to light fireworks, make sure you're not in an open field and have a hose, a bucket of water, or even a fire extinguisher on hand.

UFA has an interactive map on their website where you can type in your address, and it will list the restrictions for you. Click here for the map, as well as other details about fireworks restrictions from the UFA.