Major road projects may contribute to traffic congestion in Utah

Posted at 6:27 PM, Jun 13, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY -- Plan on doing some driving this weekend? Watch out for orange barrels.

Construction crews are working around the clock to repair roads along Utah's major interstates, and there are nearly a dozen major road construction projects taking place across the state.

From potholes in Tooele, to lane restrictions heading into Park City, UDOT is asking drivers to be patient and courteous.

"There's been a lot of frustration over the last few days from people who are stuck in traffic and we understand that," UDOT Spokesman John Gleason said.

Pesky potholes have caused major headaches for drivers traveling along I-80 near Tooele. With only one lane open eastbound near the S.R. 201 junction, people will have to prepare for some major delays. Add the emergency repair project to another at 5600 West to 9450 West in the Salt Lake Valley, and you have a traffic nightmare.

"The issue that we've had in the past week with this 201 project is the timing of the I-80 emergency pot hole repairs," Gleason said.

The Tooele pothole repair will take another week to finish.

Summer is UDOT's busy season, and crews are busy in nearly every corner of the state, including Summit County at S.R. 224, where there's only one lane open in each direction.

"A lot of people traveling to Evanston, Rockport to Echo and this, we're going to have lane restrictions," Gleason said.

Those restrictions in Summit County will last into the fall. Getting to and from Park City will be a pain, and UDOT officials said, while all the orange barrels are agitating for anyone to deal with, all the maintenance work will pay off.

"It's going to cost you and me as the taxpayers quite a bit less in the long run if we can keep these repairs and regular maintenance as we go," Gleason said.

Most of the projects right now are focusing on maintaining the roads, but there are a few expansion projects too.

Here's a list of the major road work projects underway in Utah, provided by UDOT officials:

You can also visit UDOT's website for the latest information on traffic and road conditions.

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