Officials, volunteers gather geese for relocation

Posted at 4:39 PM, Jun 13, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY – A group of geese at Liberty Park have over stayed their welcome, and wildlife officials are working to relocate the fowls.

Officials said there are too many in the area and that the birds are noisy and messy.

Officials with the Division of Wildlife loaded up in canoes Friday morning to remove the bird’s from the water as part of an annual roundup. The birds were then corralled and will be transported to places like Clear Lake near Delta and parts of southern Utah.

Rich Hansen, Water Fowl Banding Coordinator for the DWR, said the operation went smoothly.

“It couldn’t have gone better,” he said. “The geese all cooperated, came almost single file right up into the trap like we wanted them too, and they didn’t resist us.”

Volunteers helped round up and band the birds, and that band includes a phone number people can call if they find the geese in their area.

“If anyone comes across those birds with a band there’s a phone number on there,” Hansen said. “They can call that phone number and report the bird. The date that they found it, and the location--that gives us valuable data.”

FOX 13 News’ Tamara Vaifanua was there as officials rounded up the birds, see the video above for details.