Five foster fathers honored at annual festival

Posted at 4:19 PM, Jun 14, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah Foster Care celebrated a specific kind of father Saturday at their annual Chalk Art Festival at the Gateway.

Five foster fathers were honored for their outstanding commitment and work on behalf of their families.

Benjamin Baldonado of Price is among the fathers who were honored, and he said it’s important to focus on children’s needs.

“Each kid is unique,” he said. “There’s not a cookie cutter way to work with each one of them, so what we do in our home is we see what their strengths and weaknesses are and what they need. One kid might need one thing this week and another the next. That’s what we try to do is invest in the person.”

Jason Bronson of Salt Lake City was another father honored, and he said is grateful he gets to see his children grow and learn.

“How much they’ve been through and how awesome they are, and how much love I feel from them after what they’ve been through, and it’s awesome to see them progress and become healthy young adults, I am very, very proud of my children,” he said.

According to a press release from Utah Foster Care, the other fathers honored were James Mayfield of Elk Ridge, Rocky Pope of Elsinore and Mark McNeil of Nibley. Utah Foster Care officials said there are about 2,600 children who are being fostered in Utah.

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