Def Leppard fan misses concert due to parking issues

Posted at 6:35 PM, Jun 24, 2014

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah -- Thousands of people rocked out at the Def Leppard and KISS concert at USANA Amphitheatre on Monday night.

But Anne Patrick and her daughter were stuck outside. The two women say they missed the show because all of the disabled parking spaces were full, so they were directed to the general parking area.

To get to the venue Patrick had to walk a long distance and steep, rocky hill. So instead, they gave up.

As the two started to leave they noticed others, who were also turned away from the handicap parking lot, struggling to make their way to the amphitheater.

“It was horrifying for me to see. I saw people in wheelchairs trying to be pushed over it -- their wheelchairs were wobbling and people in crutches were trying to walk over it and it was extremely far from the venue,” said Patrick.

Patrick said she isn't seeking refund or a lawsuit she just wants the venue to have enough handicapped spots for everyone who needs one or finds another way to get them to the show.