‘Operation Canyon Thunder’ features competitions between bomb squads

Posted at 5:41 PM, Jun 25, 2014

UTAH COUNTY -- "Operation Canyon Thunder" is underway as bomb technicians from across the state work to sharpen their skills.

Drills are set up like an Olympic competition, and for the next two days the military and eight of the state's bomb squads are working to win the title of "Bomb Squad of the Year.”

The operation consists of six scenarios, including a robot rodeo. All of the preparations are being made so that when an actual emergency happens, they'll be ready.

“Sure there's a stigma about bombs, and 'ooh scary' but if you train to that level and if you're at a point you're comfortable with it, it's a science not voodoo or magic,” said Troy Beebe, who is the co-chair of Utah Bomb Squad Task Force.

The bomb squads will be in Spanish Fork Canyon for the next two days working on drills.