Man who used vehicle to stop police chase gets truck tricked out

Posted at 7:56 PM, Jun 26, 2014

SYRACUSE, Utah -- A man who used his truck to stop a fleeing car that had cut through a park and narrowly avoided hitting some children was the recipient of some free repairs and upgrades.

Bryson Rowley observed a teen fleeing from police drive a car through a park near children, and when the car turned back toward the park the man took matters into his own hands. Click here for the video of the chase and the moment of impact.

The incident occurred in May, and now the owners of West Valley Carstar worked with other local companies to repair and upgrade the man's truck for free. Those involved said they knew the man's insurance wouldn't cover the roughly $7,000 in damages, so they stepped in. They also included upgrades to the tune of about $8,000--putting the total cost of the work at about $15,000.

Bryan Ellison, co-owner of West Valley Carstar, said the price tag pales in comparison to what could have been lost that day in May.

"Some people would have been selfish and not wanted to risk their truck, but he wasn't--and like I said before, you can't replace kids, and if something were to happen to my kids I would be devastated," he said.

Rowley said he received support from a wide variety people.

"It wasn't just Utah, I got responses from all over the world," he said. "Something that I wasn't expecting at all, the media response was crazy."

The truck will be part of Syracuse's Heritage Days Parade, which is taking place now through Saturday. Rowley said he has not received an citations for his actions.

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