Girls’ soccer team from Farr West heading to national tournament

Posted at 7:13 PM, Jun 28, 2014

FARR WEST, Utah -- Club sports are on the rise in Utah and it's only expected to grow with so many kids watching the World Cup this summer.

One soccer team in Farr West is top in the nation and now preparing for a major tournament in South Carolina.

“We didn't expect to win at first. And then we did really well. So now we are going nationals,” said team member Katie Allen.

The team is one of only four across the country that made it to the National President’s Cup in July.

Many of the girls have played together since the third grade, which they say makes the team stronger on and off the field.

“Some teams they have cliques like this group and this group. But it's not like that and we all love each other,” said team member Jaclyn Edwards.

The coaches say more  kids are joining club leagues because they play year round, which they say is changing the face of soccer.

“It’s helping the sport. It's more focused, more educated coaches getting involved at a younger age. It's creating better players. It will be better for the United States as a whole,” said Coach Dustin Taylor.

Many of the girls have big dreams of playing professionally, but for now they're just focused on winning next month.

“I feel like I'll look back on this and think this was one of the best moments of my soccer life,” said team captain Ellee Iverson.