Giant American flag flying in canyon inspired by European custom, patriotism

Posted at 7:31 PM, Jul 03, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-03 21:31:48-04

SANDY, Utah -- The idea for a giant flag hanging in the canyon came when Sandy Resident Harold Haugen was traveling in Europe and saw that villages would hang flags in the canyon to represent their country.

That’s when he decided he wanted to do that at home.

After convincing his kids it could be done, the Haugen family hiked Little Willow Canyon on Flag Day with a rope and a drone. Three hours later, the 25-by-40-foot flag was unfurling in the wind. See the video above for more details on the process of placing the flag.

“The response has been really cool throughout the neighborhood,” Haugen’s daughter, Hailey Devine, said. “I’ve had lots of phone calls from lots of people on how much they appreciate it and how they love the patriotism up on the mountain.

The flag will be in Little Willow Canyon until July 24. And come Christmas time, they put up a giant star at the same spot.