Suspect in custody after allegedly killing ex-wife’s husband, terrorizing residents

Posted at 8:54 PM, Jul 03, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-04 14:54:16-04

LINDON, Utah — Police are investigating a homicide in Lindon after a shooting that killed one and terrified others.

Officials said one man is in custody, 59-year-old Fred Lee, accused of shooting the man who married his ex-wife.

Authorities said Lee grew up in the home where the shooting happened Thursday night.

Lindon City Police Chief Cody Cullimore said shots were fired at a home near 175 N. 400 West and he said the incident is a homicide.

Officers said Lee’s family owned the property and he and his wife at the time, Joy, developed part of the land into condos.

Fred and Joy divorced a few years ago and she remarried.

Joy and her new husband, Mike Sidwell, lived on the property.

Sidwell is the man who was shot and killed, allegedly by Lee, Thursday night.

Police said Lee and Joy had an ongoing history of domestic violence.

Officers said Lee allegedly went to the home with a gun looking for his ex-wife.

She wasn’t home but Sidwell was, according to police.Mike Sidwell shooting victim

Lindon officials said Lee and Sidwell got into an altercation and Lee allegedly shot Sidwell twice in the head.

Then Lee allegedly shot his way into two other condos looking for his ex-wife.

A couple in their 60s lives in one of the condos and said they endured several minutes of terror as rounds of bullets were fired into their door and then the suspect searched their home at gunpoint.

Police said about 30 shots were fired in all.

After Lee couldn’t find Joy, he allegedly put down his weapon and surrendered to police.

Lee is now in the Utah County Jail facing homicide and aggravated burglary charges.