‘He was looking for me in every place’ – Wife of Lindon murder victim speaks

Posted at 10:17 PM, Jul 04, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-05 00:17:42-04

LINDON, Utah — Police are investigating a homicide in Lindon after a shooting that killed one and terrified others on Thursday night.

Officials said one man is in custody, 59-year-old Fred Lee, accused of shooting the man who married his ex-wife.

According to authorities, Lee went to the couple’s townhome at 166 N 400 W, searching for his former wife.

“He was looking for me in every place. He shot up these other places looking for me,” said Joy Sidwell, who was in Saratoga Springs at the time of the shooting.

Sidwell had only been married to her new husband, Mike Sidwell, since 2011. According to police, Lee shot through the couple’s front door, and when he couldn’t find his ex, authorities said he turned the gun on her husband.

“I loved him. He changed my life. He gave me back hopes and dreams,” said Sidwell.

This was not the first encounter law enforcement had had with Lee or his ex wife.  The pair has had problems for years, often times prompting police to intervene.

“There had been history for years, back and forth, domestic issues that had gone on. And to be very honest, they were both sided,” said Chief Cody Cullimore of Lindon City Police.

However, Sidwell contends that she had been trying to keep Lee away from her family. Court records show several attempts to acquire stalking injunctions and protective orders against Lee, but Sidwell said those efforts did not offer her much security.

“He’s been stalking me, and it’s been escalating. And nothing helps,” said Sidwell. “I’ve had the police down here. Nothing happens. They can only do something after it happens. So, a piece of paper doesn’t stop anybody who wants to kill you.”

Lee is now in the Utah County Jail facing homicide and aggravated burglary charges.

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