Inclement weather doesn’t spoil Fourth of July celebration in Brian Head

Posted at 5:25 PM, Jul 07, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-07 19:25:51-04

BRIAN HEAD, Utah - Rain and hail didn’t stop Fourth of July celebrations in Brian Head Friday. Locals say it’s a common to have a little rain, but nothing like this. year.

The storm rolled in around 1 PM and lasted until about 4 PM. It sent visitors looking for cover, while tents at the craft fair covered their wares. Vendors say they’ve come to expect it.

“It does tend to have it’s moments,” says Jayne Crabdree with Jeff’s Applewood Smoker. “But it’s not too bad. Usually it’s a lot faster storm than today.”

Pizanos Pizzeria owner Tony Cocchia says the rain doesn’t ruin the Independence Day celebration in Brian Head, it adds to the celebration.

“That’s why people come up here,” says Cocchia “Our clientele is from California, Arizona, and Las Vegas. And they’re looking for a break from the heat.”

Virginia McComas is one of those clients. She and her family are visiting from Vegas. She says while  the summer storm was a bit alarming, it’s a nice change.

“It’s all good. It’s perfect actually,” says McComas. “I’d rather have it like this, rather than Vegas weather. “

Rain is also a welcome relief for fire managers. Even at Utah’s highest point drought conditions have put officials on edge. The moisture will go a long way in squelching some of those fire dangers.

As quickly as it came, the storm disappeared, and didn’t delay celebrations too long.  Visitors still got to take ATV rides in the mountains, hike the trails, and see the fireworks.