New Star Wars Episode VII film set; leaked footage or fake?

Posted at 7:12 AM, Jul 07, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-07 09:41:53-04

With the new Star Wars movie in production, people all over the world are waiting for a glimpse of some new footage.

Now a few creative minds have gone out of the way to fake a new movie set.

Even though it's fake, it's still fun to watch.

This video was posted by Frank Wunderlich.

According to the YouTube description, it was filmed in Germany at the Frankfurt airport.

It shows what it might look like if all those Star Wars vehicles were waiting to be deployed to England to be used in the movie.

Many key items can be seen in the background, like the Death Star and a Star Destroyer, as if they were actual size.

This video was posted Wednesday and already has more than 1 million views.