Jazz prep for first summer league game

Posted at 10:55 PM, Jul 08, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-09 09:26:56-04

SALT LAKE CITY –The Jazz opened up their summer league mini-camp on Tuesday, with 15 players getting ready for their first summer league game on Saturday in Las Vegas.

The two biggest names at the mini-camp are point guards Trey Burke and Dante Exum.

Burke and Exum are both lottery picks, so they expect to get playing time, but they play the same position.

The Jazz is hoping they can play on the court at the same time, and they like what they saw during the first practice.

“I definitely think we can play together,” Burke said. “I like how coach allows me to bring the ball up, and then sometimes he’ll tell me to just go to the corner and play off the ball and let him bring the ball up. It will be interesting to see how it works.”

“It’s was good,” Exum said. “It wasn’t a problem for me. It’s good to get off the ball and let someone else run the show.”

The Jazz will have three more practices, including one that is open to the public on Thursday at 7:00 pm at Energy Solutions Arena, before playing their first summer league game against the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday.