New GPS bracelet helps keep track of kiddos

Posted at 3:24 PM, Jul 08, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-08 17:30:56-04

Inventors have come up with a way to help keep track of your kids without having to give them a cell phone; a GPS bracelet.

WREG reported Jason Hicks developed the Kidsport GPS, a colorful wristband or ankle bracelet with a built-in tracker.

- Kidsport GPS

– Kidsport GPS

The tool is designed to tell you almost exactly where your children are the second you want to know.

Hicks said the bracelet can play a vital role in finding your child if he or she is abducted.

If the tracker is removed or cutoff, it will send an alert straight to your cell phone.

The device is also equipped with a panic button to send an immediate warning.

The inventors said they are getting  all sorts of calls, from parents with kids with autism, to parents taking their family to amusement parks.

This safety gadget will cost you about $129 and is available online.

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– Information from WREG