Mom delivers baby outside hospital, dad captures birth on GoPro

Posted at 7:59 AM, Jul 10, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-10 10:01:47-04

The delivery starts about 5 minutes into the video.

HOUSTON, Texas – A Texas family welcome their new little bundle of joy into the world, just not in a very conventional way.

The father caught everything on his GoPro, including the birth of their baby boy outside the hospital.

Kristin Dickerson said she knew her baby wasn’t going to wait as they pulled up to the hospital.

“His head is out. I’m not kidding! Oh God. Oh God,” Kristin said with the camera rolling.

Troy, her husband, yelled for a doctor as they got out of the car but it was too late.

Before any doctors could get to her, their baby was born and dad caught the whole event on tape.

After giving birth right outside the hospital, the family went inside where doctors said mom and baby are healthy and going to be just fine.

Kristin is a childbirth educator.

She told the Houston Chronicle she is going to tell her students what happened to her is extremely rare.

The paper reported the couple named their son Truett; he is the third of all boys for the family.