Homeowners cleaning up after flooding in Enterprise

Posted at 9:55 PM, Jul 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-18 10:52:59-04

ENTERPRISE, Utah - Homeowners are cleaning up after flash floods ripped through several neighborhoods Wednesday, causing extensive damage to at least two homes.

Conservative estimates said close to 3 inches of rain fell in just one hour. Residents said they’re used to flash floods in town, but this one seemed more intense.

“Before we knew it water’s come through the door, through the walls, the whole carpet’s flooded,” said Marv’s Drive In owner Raelene Hall.

Hall spent Thursday with fans on the floor and sweeping away debris. But other residents are dealing with a bigger mess.

“We heard the windows break, and it just filled up 3 or 4 feet,” homeowner Emilie Bott said.

Bott said her family is still recovering form the flood that filled their basement. It started in the window wells, and eventually filled every room, destroying beds, couches and memories. Bott took cell phone video and in it describes her disbelief at the whole situation.

“The whole football team [was] up here,” said Bott about the clean up on Thursday. “The whole house was full. They were shoveling mud out.”

Insurance adjusters will be coming to look at the damage Friday, but Bott said it’s unlikely anything will be covered. Added to that stress is the threat of additional thunderstorms that may bring more flooding.

Sandbags have taken their place around the home and throughout town to divert any potential rain. In the meantime, residents are through  trying to keep a positive attitude.

“We just pull together, and do what we can,” Bott said.  “That’s all we can do at this point.”