Husband lists wife’s bedroom rejections on chart, she posts it online

Posted at 3:05 PM, Jul 21, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-21 17:05:23-04
- Reddit

– Reddit

Women are often criticized for “keeping score” in the relationship but not this time.

A 26-year-old husband kept track of the number of times and the reasons his wife of the same age “rejected” him in the bedroom.

“My husband sent me an immature, inflammatory email as I was driving to the airport for a 10-day work trip,” she posted on Reddit. “Now he has cut contact.”

The wife posted the spreadsheet on Reddit for the world to see.

She wrote in the post:

“Our sex life HAS tapered in the last few months, but isn’t that allowed? We are adults leading busy, stressful lives. I cook for him, I do his laundry, I keep our house clean and tidy. It’s not like our sex life was going to be this way FOREVER, it was a temporary slow-down due to extenuating circumstances.”

 The post went viral with more than 700 comments before the post was locked.

You can read the comments and more on the post on Reddit. WARNING – The content may not be suitable for all viewers.

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