Olympic Oval going solar, expected to save $100K a year

Posted at 1:18 PM, Jul 21, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-21 15:18:12-04

KEARNS, Utah – The Kearns Olympic Oval is going solar.

Athletes continue to use the well-know facility showcased during the 2002 Winter Olympics and train there year-round.

It has become a gathering place for the Kearns community as well.

Operators of the Olympic Oval want it to remain a permanent fixture for the community and help future athletes.

In keeping with that vision, the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation announced plans to go solar.

With a building of this size and the costs it takes to maintain it, they’ve had to look for ways to cut down energy costs.

A new project is underway on the outside of the oval in the parking lot.

Crews will install parking canopies that are outfitted with solar panels.

With this addition, it will save nearly $100,000 a year on the power bill and continue to maintain the facility for future games.

“What we hope is that through our stewardship of this facility, maintenance of this facility, that if we bid for a future Olympic Games this facility will be ready to go,” Salt Lake City Mayor Ben McAdams said.

The project cost about $1.4 million.

The foundation has partnered with Rocky Mountain Power and Salt Lake County to secure the funds through donations and grants.

Planners say this project will pay for itself in five years and save about $3.7 million over the next two decades.