Utah Red Cross asking for donations, concerned about blood shortage

Posted at 3:37 PM, Jul 22, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-22 17:41:54-04

The American Red Cross is asking for your help here in Utah.

Officials said they need more donations to keep the blood banks stocked and are behind on this year’s goal.

Every summer the Red Cross comes to expect lower donations than during other parts of the year.

School is out, families are traveling and many other things are occupying their time.

The organization said now they are especially concerned about the low level of blood donations.

Officials said, over the last 11 weeks, the Red Cross has collected about 8 percent less than expected.

That means it is about 80,000 units of blood short.

Red Cross officials said they are in desperate need of O negative blood, the universal blood type that can be given to anyone who needs blood.

Official said they also need B negative and A negative blood.

Platelet donations could also be used to offset the shortfall.

“What we never want to do is to have to cancel surgeries in our hospitals because we don’t have enough blood,” Julia Wulf said, CEO of Red Cross Blood Services. “So really what were trying to avoid is not having the blood products that we need to support our patients here in Utah.”

DONATE: Click here for complete info on donating blood to the Red Cross