Year-round school starts in Jordan School District

Posted at 6:21 PM, Jul 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-28 20:21:37-04

HERRIMAN, Utah -- Even though it seems we’re still in the thick of summer, thousands of students are heading back to school this week.

Jordan School District’s year-round students returned to class Monday and police are keeping an extra close eye on school zones.

“They are very excited -- the parents are excited the students are you know they love that new feeling of getting a new teacher and a new year and a new start," said Rebecca lee, assistant principal for Blackridge Elementary.

Lee said the day went surprisingly smooth considering Blackridge Elementary is still under construction with more than 1,000 new students.

“Definitely not chaotic a lot of the parents parked on the street and walked in, so we really didn’t have a ton of traffic running in and out," Lee said.

Parents who take their kids to year-round school were also excited.

“It’s always a shocker to get going back to school but you know they’re excited and ready so we’ll make the transition as smooth as we can," said parent Amy Ernest.

As kids head back to school to Jordan School District's 22-year round schools, South Jordan police are keeping an extra close eye on school zones just in case drivers aren’t aware school is back in session for some.

“We want to remind motorists when they’re coming out of neighborhood streets make sure to look both left and right many times. We’ll have students walking to school and they’ll be on the right side waiting to cross and the drivers forget to look to the right and we have many children hit on their bicycles or walking to school every day," said Sam Winkler, Master Officer with South Jordan Police Department.

All year-round school zones should be labeled with an additional sign that reads “all year,” so drivers know to slow down to 20 miles per hour regardless of the month.

“Again watch out for those kids, they may not always follow the crossing guards suggestions and they may dart out into traffic, so really watch out for the kids out there going to school," Winkler said.