Traffic patterns to be adjusted in Ogden due to LDS Church’s temple open house

Posted at 8:06 PM, Jul 30, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-30 22:15:13-04

The following is a press release from Ogden City regarding traffic pattern changes that will be in effect from July 31 until September 6 due to high volumes of expected pedestrian traffic. More information is available here, and click here for a map.

OGDEN, Utah — Ogden City has worked diligently to ensure transportation and parking issues are addressed prior to the arrival of the anticipated 750,000 visitors expected to visit the Ogden community for several scheduled world-class events.

During the August timeframe, pedestrian traffic in Ogden`s downtown area is expected to increase significantly. Temporary traffic pattern adjustments have been put in place from July 31 through Sept. 6 including the following changes:

• Grant Avenue from 24th St. to 20th St. will be a one-way northbound road
• 22nd St. from Washington Blvd. to Grant Ave. will be closed to vehicular traffic
• Grant Ave. from 20th St. to Park Blvd. will be closed to southbound traffic
• Pedestrian traffic will use 23rd St. from Wall Ave. to Kiesel Ave.
• A downtown trolley will offer pedestrians multiple drop-off locations within the downtown area. The route circulates through 23rd St., Washington Blvd., 24th St., 25th St., and Wall Ave.

The City is also working with the LDS Church to help accommodate parking needs for the temple open house. Currently the two open lots to the north and east of the temple will be available for parking throughout the event. The additional unfinished lot north of the FrontRunner parking area will also be available for overflow parking.

‘We appreciate all of the efforts within our community to prepare for these momentous events,’ says Ogden Mayor Mike Caldwell. ‘We encourage residents to come downtown to welcome and interact with the thousands of guests visiting our community.’