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Big Budah’s blog: 180 degrees later, more energetic than ever

Posted at 2:28 AM, Aug 04, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-04 04:28:25-04

This week has been very busy, and with so much going on I had no time for working out. Actually, I got work my workout by moving from one house to another.

We were painting, cleaning, washing and all kinds of stuff like that… It felt good to be able to contribute more than I could in the past.

This time I was carrying furniture from the downstairs to the main floor and from the upstairs to the main floor–all without the help of a dolly. What a completely pleasant 180 it has been!

The bonus is that in spite of all the work of moving in to a new house and cleaning the old one, I still had tons of energy.

And if you didn’t catch it earlier, Tamara put together a two-part update on my progress during these first 18 months of my Losing for Life journey.

I weighed nearly 440 pounds when I started, but now I tip the scales at just above 300. Aside from the numbers on the scale, I’ve experienced life in ways I haven’t been able to for years.

Check out the videos below, which cover my doctor’s visit after 18 months as well as the impact this journey has had on my life and my family. Thank you for the support, and you can always see all of my updates on my Losing for Life page.