Portions of Clinton still without water Sunday

Posted at 6:14 PM, Aug 08, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-10 17:34:31-04

UPDATE: Officials offered the following update Sunday on the city's website: "The Water Advisory Area has been diminished to only the area west of 3000 W. and north of 1800 N., this is the northwest corner and lowest portion of our gravity fed water system. After the latest required sample testing results viewed this morning, the Health Dept is allowing the water advisory area to be further reduced.

The requirement for lifting the water advisory for the entire City is to have all negative results in consecutive sets of bacteriological tests and high amounts of chlorine residual. These tests require 18-24 hours of incubation time. With new samples being taken this morning, the earliest we can expect the water advisory to be removed from the final area of the City will be Monday morning.

For those of you in the areas cleared for water use, please check the City web site or Facebook page for home water system flushing recommendations from the County Health Dept. City crews are still working overtime in an effort to super-chlorinate the water system, flush the lines and test the chlorination residuals. To all, thank you for your patience and assistance."

Previous story continues below:

CLINTON, Utah -- Clinton City officials warned residents against using the city's water earlier this week after a sample tested positive for E-coli, and the advisory has continued to remain in effect due to issues with chlorine levels.

Officials said tests regarding E-coli were good, but said chlorine levels are still not correct in the city. Clinton City's website indicated the advisory had been lifted for areas east of 2000 West but remained in place for areas west of 2000 West.

The website stated: "We anticipate a clearance for the entire City some time [Saturday] morning. The businesses on both sides of 2000 West are being notified individually by the Health Department concerning the advisory. Be advised you will notice an increase in the amount of chlorine you taste and smell in the drinking water for the next few days as the higher levels, required to clean the system, work their way through and out of the system."

Several businesses had to shut down, as they had no access to water due to the advisory. FOX 13 News' Robert Boyd spoke to some of those impacted by the advisory, see the video above for his report.