Maintenance worker who rescued ducklings at WSU shares his story

Posted at 7:27 PM, Aug 09, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-09 21:27:49-04

OGDEN, Utah -- This story out of Ogden reads like a child's bedtime story.

A maintenance worker at Weber State University saved several ducklings trapped in a storm drain and reunited them with their mother.

"I was just performing my daily maintenance routine around campus, we check a lot of the water features, and I got a service call to come and save some baby ducks on the south side of campus," said Jacob Serio.

Four baby ducks fell through the grate into a storm drain on Friday morning.

"I lifted the grate up and grabbed a bucket and pulled them out, because there is that weird myth about touching them, so I didn't want to touch them," he said.

One-by-one, he pulled them out and set them free.

Mama duck didn't appreciate his work at first, but she came around after she had her little one back under her wing, a touching reunion all caught on camera.

In a single day, the dramatic duckling rescue got thousands of hits on Weber State's Facebook page.