Friends rally around family after teen killed in driveway accident

Posted at 10:57 PM, Aug 11, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-12 09:52:34-04

SYRACUSE, Utah -- Classmates from Syracuse High School are rallying around the family of Marli Hamblin.

The 15-year-old died Sunday after she was accidentally run over in her driveway Friday evening.

Now, friends have launched a campaign to help with medical expenses and funeral costs.

It's called "Marli's Miracle."

"Marli's family decided that she wanted to be an organ donor and so Marli's miracle is she's helping other people and that she's living on through other people," said classmate Kendyl Hess.

"Marli's Miracle" is the message friends have put on a teal bracelet. They've ordered nearly 2,000 bracelets after hundreds of requests on Facebook.

"We want to sell them all so we can donate that to them for the expenses and funeral and everything and take the burden off of them," said Chad Ritter.

Marli was sunbathing in her family's driveway in Syracuse. She was listening to music on headphones, didn't hear her sister start the ignition on a pick-up truck and the sister didn't see Marli. Moments later, the truck ran the teen over.

Marli's parents, Travis and Lisa Hamblin say the siblings are devastated.

"They'll get through it, but they need their prayers still," said Marli’s mother, Lisa Hamblin. "She was the life of our family. She kept us laughing. And singing, she had such a joy for life. And we're just going to miss her so terribly much,” Hamblin said.

Marli had just been chosen for the cheerleading squad at Syracuse High.

"She was so excited to be able to cheer at her first football, game it was the only thing she would talk about," said fellow cheerleader Whitnee Ritter.

"It's just been really different, realizing she's not gonna be around anymore and we aren't going to see her laugh, her beautiful smile," Hess said.

"These kids are shaken up, They're at a loss," Ritter added "There's a bunch of them still at a loss and this (fundraiser) is helping. This is keeping the mind going so the focus is on something to keep moving ahead here."

Syracuse Police say this was an unfortunate accident and police aren't pushing for charges.

Meanwhile, Marli's funeral is scheduled for Monday. Specific arrangements are still pending but by Thursday, The Ritter family hopes to start selling the bracelets for $5 each at local businesses and online.

All proceeds go to the Hamblin family. For more information on the bracelets click here.

A donation account has also been set up in Marli’s name.

Those interested in donating can make them at any America First Credit Union.