Suspect arrested, accused of kidnapping and robbing SLC man

Posted at 11:08 AM, Aug 22, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-22 23:27:33-04

SALT LAKE CITY -- Salt Lake City police said a man jumped into the passenger seat of a parked car Friday morning and told the driver he had a gun and then ordered him to drive.

“This is about 12:30 this morning, 500 west 200 south,” said Detective Dennis McGowan with the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Police said the victim was in his car, parked outside the North Gate Apartments in downtown Salt Lake City.

“He was on his cell phone, it's dark, this is kind of a tough part of town, and another man pulled open the passenger side door and hopped into the car,” McGowan said.

The suspect then told the victim to drive.

“In the process of driving away, he demanded money from the victim and indicated he had a hand gun in his pocket,” McGowan said.

And when the driver said he had no money, the suspect told him to go into a 7-Eleven and withdraw a significant amount of cash from the ATM.

The two were on their way back to where they had initially linked up when the victim spotted police lights at a traffic stop near 400 south and 200 west.

“He came up to a screeching halt in back of the police cars, jumped out shouting at the police to help him, trying to tell him what was going on, so they reacted and got the suspect into custody immediately while they continued the investigation,” McGowan said.

Damon Greenberry was booked for robbery, kidnapping, drug paraphernalia and three outstanding warrants. And those who live in the apartment complexes where the incident initiated say they're not surprised.

“I wasn't surprised at all, this is an area that attracts a lot of homeless people and a lot of people who are looking for trouble,” said Eric Kearney, a resident at North Gate Apartments.

And police said this incident is a good reminder to always lock your doors and be aware of your surroundings.

“Don’t be distracted by a cell phone, stay alert, keep your head on a swivel, keep looking about you, take safety measures, and if you see any strangers approaching-- keep them in your peripheral, try to avoid them, and if you're in your car and can drive away that's a good idea to do as well,” McGowan said.

Police say the victim of the incident is still shaken up and is not ready to speak about it publicly.