Crews cleaning up after trash piles up in Salt Lake County

Posted at 10:43 PM, Aug 25, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-26 15:44:40-04

Update: Waste management crews are cleaning up the trash piles in Salt Lake County.

Crews apologized for the gap in coverage.

SALT LAKE CITY - People living along 2200 West in Salt Lake City have watched trash pile up along their street for more than a month and want to know when it will be picked up.

According to residents, they were under the impression Salt Lake City was going to pick up the trash in early August, as part of their annual Neighborhood Cleanup Program.

The trash piles are outside of almost every home for nearly a two-mile stretch, from 2100 North to 3300 North.

"I understand if you change the plan on a program but you need to let the people know why," said Roshawn Starr. "It's frustrating, I call the city and no one knows anything."

"They've been picking up every year for the past 15 years that I know for sure," said Bette Bangerter.

According to Salt Lake City the neighborhood falls in-between city and county lines and pick up is ultimately the county's responsibility.

However, the county said it should be Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling doing the pickup. Wasatch Front then pinned the responsibility back on Salt Lake City.

Residents are also worried about safety.

They say the trash spills into the streets causing cars to cross onto the opposing lane.

The piles also keep getting bigger. Residents say people are coming from outside their neighborhood and dumping large items outside their homes.

"Mostly in the evening when they think everyone's gone in the house, so they have a trailer or a pickup, and they dump all their mattresses and stuff," said Louis Shimizu.

No pickup date has been set yet by any of the area agencies.