Suspect on run after car crash, security breach at Hill Air Force Base

Posted at 3:29 PM, Aug 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-28 17:29:21-04

HILL AIR FORCE BASE – Authorities are searching for a suspect after he allegedly caused a security breach at Hill Air Force Base.

Richard Essary with Hill AFB said a vehicle that did not belong on base drove through the south gate Monday afternoon.

The guards at the gate told the driver to turn around and he indicated he had made a wrong turn into the installation.

However, instead of turning around, the driver sped through the gate and onto the base.

Security went after the car which eventually crashed into a garbage can on the north end of Southgate Dr.

Three suspects ran from the car.

Authorities caught two of the suspects right away but a third is still on the run.

Hill AFB is working with local authorities to arrest the last suspect.

Officials said the suspects have no known affiliations with the base.

Their identities have not been confirmed at this time.