Zip line coming to Sundance Resort in 2015

Posted at 6:09 PM, Sep 01, 2014

PROVO, Utah -- Officials with Sundance Resort have announced a new addition coming to the mountain. In just a few weeks construction will begin in Provo Canyon on one of the largest zip lines in the nation.

"We're designing this line to accommodate all ages, all ability levels and the thing we have going for us, not only from an experience perspective but the scenery and views from this zip line are going to be some of the best in the world," said Czar Johnson, Sundance Resort Director of Operations.

In addition to the view, riders will be cruising down the third largest group of zip lines in the U.S.

"The Sundance Zip Line will have the most vertical drop of any zip line tour in the country at 2,100 feet from top to bottom. One of our spans will be just over 4,000 feet long, which will make it the sixth longest span of anyone in the country," Johnson said.

The four lines combined will be less than two miles -- at one point the line will take you nearly 500 feet above the ground.

"Individuals of all ability levels and thrill-seeking levels will be able to experience this," Johnson said.

That's because, unlike other zip lines, you control the speed.

"Each span will have two zip lines and two riders will ride together on separate lines and be able to dynamically control their speed -- with the breaking mechanism they'll be able to open it up or go as fast as they want -- slow down, take pictures," Johnson said.

The project has been in the works for several years and Sundance officials say the route of the line has been perfected.

"The system and design we have now, very few trees will be impacted because of the way we laid out the lines and the amount of digging and visual impact will be minimal as well," Johnson said.

Construction is expected to begin in mid-September and the resort plans to have the project finished in the spring of 2015.