Child cuts roof worker’s rope because he interrupted boy’s cartoons

Posted at 2:09 PM, Sep 02, 2014
Courtesy: WXIN

Courtesy: WXIN

GUIZHOU, China – Authorities said a Chinese rooftop worker almost fell to his death after an angry child reportedly cut the man’s safety rope on his harness. reported the worker fell 80 feet because the 10-year-old child was angry the worker was interrupting his cartoon shows.

The report stated the worker was drilling security lights on the side of the apartment building.

Officials said the boy grabbed a knife, went to the window and severed the worker’s harness, leaving him only hanging by a single rope.

According to WXIN, the worker yelled at the boy to stop but the child didn’t listen.

Authorities said it took 40 minutes to rescue the man and pull him to safety through a window. reported the boy’s family bought the worker a new rope and they are considering anger management for the child.