Ordain Women launch international initiative on website

Posted at 9:44 PM, Sep 08, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY — Monday marked the 138th birthday of the first sister missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Amanda Inez Knight served a full-time international mission in 1898. To honor that, the group Ordain Women launched an international initiative on its website.

Men and women from around the world have submitted profiles and stories, which Ordain Women will share.

“We are going to be translating all of our materials such as our mission statement, our frequently asked questions we have, a series of conversations about the ordination of women to help people think about topics and discuss the topic with friends and family – those will be available in different languages,” said April Young Bennett, board member for Ordain Women.

The international profiles are available on the activist group’s website at