S Line expansion plans on hold after grant request denied

Posted at 10:00 PM, Sep 12, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY – Plans to extend the street car line in Sugar House are on hold after a grant application for the funding was denied.

City council members applied for a $10.6 million Tiger grant for the project, but they learned Friday morning that application had not been accepted.

The S Line currently goes from 2100 South and 200 West to 2250 South and 1050 East, and the grant would have been used to expand that line out to 2100 South and Highland Drive.

Erin Mendenhall represents District 5 as a member of the Salt Lake City Council, and she said the expansion would have added value to the service.

"That's the heart of Sugar House,” she said of the area. “That's most centric to a lot of the residential units that are about to come online. The closer that we can put it so you can walk out of Barnes and Noble, walk out of Whole Foods or one of those local businesses that are along Highland Drive and get on the street car, the more ridership will increase."

On a close vote held earlier this month, city council members voted to approve a partial matching of funds to get the grant, and that match amount totaled $4.5 million.