Crews suspect plane crash after reports of explosions, but discover blasts were planned

Posted at 7:37 PM, Sep 14, 2014

WASATCH COUNTY, Utah – Search and rescue crews from Utah and Wasatch counties responded to the Cascade Springs area Sunday after several concerned individuals reported hearing explosions.

Officials were uncertain what was going on and suspected there might be a plane crash, but when crews arrived in the area they found the explosions were part of a planned effort.

Kathy Jo Pollock of the U.S. Forest Service said rangers were carrying out planned explosions in the Cascade Springs area as part of an effort to make new trails and renovate existing trails. The explosives were being used to clear away rocks, trees and other obstacles.

Several people at Deer Creek Reservoir had called authorities after hearing the explosions, which prompted the search and rescue response from Utah and Wasatch counties.

Pollock said personnel will be doing additional blasting in the area in the coming week.

Dispatch officials with Wasatch County said their agency had not been informed the blasting would be taking place.