Family of missing woman reacts after police release audio from 911 calls

Posted at 10:15 PM, Oct 09, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-10 09:04:05-04

MURRAY, Utah -- It's been nearly two weeks since a 30-year-old Murray woman vanished from her apartment complex. Thursday, police released the 911 call Kayelyn Louder made the day she disappeared.

Louder tells the 911 dispatcher that she believes someone has broken into her home. We can hear the 911 dispatcher asking Louder if she knows who the person in her home is.

Louder responds, "No I don't. I just know that there's an intruder in my house."

Louder tells the dispatcher she didn't see the person or people in her home, but heard them.

"I heard someone say, 'Hey go in there,' so there's probably two of them."

At several points during the 911 call, Louder yells for the intruder to leave.

The 911 call also reveals Louder’s roommate was home at the time and questions Louder’s belief someone was in the home.

The roommate says, "The bolt's still locked, it's impossible."

Louder responds, "They must have a key or something."

Louder's roommate continues, "Why is the door still locked?"

Louder answers, "Well I can't explain that but I heard, like, two people talking."

Police have said they are worried about Louder's state of mind and are concerned she might be delusional.

Louder's family hadn't heard the 911 call until they listened for the first time at the FOX 13 News Studio Thursday afternoon. Louder's sister, Madi Rodriguez, said nothing sounds odd about her sister in the call.

"To me she just sounds scared, and if I were scared--I would call 911 too," she said.

Rodriguez is discounting what police are describing as delusional behavior.

"Whatever her state of mind is, to me personally, as her sister, it doesn't matter to me,” she said. “She's missing, and we just need her home no matter what. So to me, it seems irrelevant because she's been missing for almost two weeks now.”

Family members said the mystery surrounding Louder's disappearance is the hardest part for them to deal with.

"We want to think that she has ran away or any of that because then we know that she's OK and alive, but we're still hoping for the best," Rodriguez said.

Louder was last seen on surveillance video leaving her condo in a tank top, shorts, and no shoes. Police said she left behind her wallet, cell phone, and dog.