Mom: Missing Murray woman ‘seemed fine’ on the day she went missing

Posted at 5:03 PM, Oct 09, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-10 09:02:50-04

MURRAY, Utah – Family and friends of a Murray woman who went missing after she left her condo have been searching for two weeks, and they are asking the public for help finding their loved one.

Kayelyn Louder, 30, disappeared from her condo September 27, and police said Wednesday the woman had made several false reports during 911 calls and that her roommate said Louder was acting “delusional" in the days before she left her condo. Police said they are concerned about the woman due to her mental state and said “…she may not know to ask for help.”

Suzie Louder is Kayelyn’s mother, and she spoke about her family’s ordeal.

“This is the biggest nightmare we've ever had in our life,” she said.

Kayelyn Louder's mother leaned on family and friends for support Thursday as she shared the last conversation she had with her daughter on September 27.

“I talked to Kayelyn that day that she went missing,” she said. “She seemed just fine to me.”

Amy Fugal, the missing woman’s cousin, said Kayelen Louder was cleaning her Murray condo that day, and working on her resume.

She had just been let go from her job at a private boy’s school, where she was as a social worker. Fugal said Kaelyn also took her dog for a walk. Police said Wednesday surveillance video shows Louder walking her dog while appearing to have an “animated conversation” despite there not being any other people present.

Fugal said Kayelyn made others smile.

“Kayelyn was kind of a quirky cousin; she always made us laugh and giggle,” she said.

Police said the 911 calls Louder made before leaving included a report about a fight. Police responding to the address found a wedding reception, but no fight. The morning she disappeared, Louder called 911 to report there were intruders in her home, and she could be heard yelling for people to leave, police said. That report also proved to be false. Click here for more of police official's comments regarding the events leading up to the woman leaving her condo.

Tim Asay, a friend of Kayelyn Louder, spoke about the behavior police reported.

“I've known her 20 years,” he said. “She's lived with me, and there was never any reason, she never gave me any concern, this is not a typical behavior for her.”

The family said they don’t know of anyone who would wish to harm Louder and they don’t know where she might be. They said they have hired a private investigator to help them find her, and they are pleading with the public for their help with the search.

Suzie Louder said: “No matter what the situation, no matter what the problem that day, no matter what it was: She was still our beautiful college graduate daughter, who was spirited and fun. We love her so much. We need her back.”

Anyone with information regarding the case is asked to contact the Murray Police Department at 801-264-2673. Louder is pictured in the gallery below.