Utah National Guard confirms Camp Williams used in racy calendar shoot

Posted at 9:59 AM, Oct 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-17 11:59:47-04

SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah National Guard confirmed that a racy calendar shoot took place at Camp Williams, using state equipment and personnel.

Releasing the results of a preliminary investigation into the "Hot Shots 2015" calendar shoot first reported by FOX 13 on Thursday, the Utah National Guard said it did not provide any guns or ammo for the shoot.

However, the Guard confirmed that some of the filming did take place at Camp Williams. On a promotional video for the calendar, the buxom models are seen riding a tank with assistance from men in uniform.

"Limited filming at Camp Williams with Guard personnel and equipment was
confirmed with a senior non-commissioned officer of Headquarters Company 19th
Special Forces Group as the unauthorized approval entity," Lt. Col. Steven Fairbourn said in a statement. "No payments were received by any Utah National Guard members for support or involvement in the production of the calendar."

Fairbourn said the formal investigation continued, with people being questioned about their role in getting a group of British bikini models and a film crew onto the secure military facility.

"The Utah National Guard apologizes for any embarrassment that this incident may
have caused for its members, their families, and the community and is continuing its
ongoing investigation of this matter," Fairbourn said. "When the formal investigation is complete, appropriate administrative and disciplinary action will be taken."

Some Utah state lawmakers have raised concerns about security at Camp Williams with the gun toting models being allowed onto the facility.

Meanwhile, the Utah Department of Public Safety launched its own investigation after officials recognized two of their officers on the story first broadcast by FOX 13 on Thursday. The officers were at the privately-run Big Shot Ranch in Grantsville, but appeared in the promotional video as the models fired a number of weapons.

Read the statement from DPS here:

On October 16th, Utah Department of Public Safety administrators recognized that two of their officers were involved in the "hot shot" video when the story broke on local news. Preliminary information indicates that the involvement of the officers participation was based on the firing range at the private facility known as the Big Shot Ranch in Tooele County. This is where the officers are observed in the video. They were dressed in their DPS SERT team uniforms. Wearing department uniforms at an event not sanctioned by DPS, nor portraying the values of our agency is very disappointing. DPS is conducting an internal investigation through their Professional Standards Division. Their findings will be reported up to the Commissioner of Public safety for determination of appropriate action.

The Big Shot Ranch issued a statement saying it donated use of its facility for the shoot, and was "assured that everything would be professional and appropriate."

Read the statement from Big Shot Ranch here:

The purpose of our facility is to provide a training environment and equipment to assist law enforcement and military personnel in many ways.  We sell corporate memberships to the facility to those who wish to support law enforcement and military personnel.  Use of the facility was donated for some of the photos based on a representation that a portion of the proceeds of the calendar were for the benefit of a charity to assist wounded veterans.  To our knowledge, we are not aware of any improprieties for the equipment used in the calendar that is not owned by Big Shot Ranch.  We were assured that everything would be professional and appropriate.

Watch the video here (may not be suitable for all audiences):