‘I knew it was coming,’ men record erratic driver before major crash

Posted at 3:58 PM, Oct 23, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-23 18:20:21-04

WARNING: Video contains adult language that may not be appropriate for all viewers. 

FAYETTE COUNTY,  Penn. – We have all driven behind another car with an erratic driver.

However, not everyone has predicted the future when it comes to traffic terror.

In the video above, two Pennsylvania men, Kevin Denney and Kaecieo Bass, did just that and caught it all on camera.

Bass got out his cell phone in the passenger seat and started recording after watching a car in front of them swerve in and out of lanes.

“She was swerving in and out,” Bass said. “She would go off the road and she would come back out, then she would go back into the other lane. It kind of scared us a little bit.”

The men said the swerving went on for almost five minutes.

Courtesy: WGN-TV

Courtesy: WGN-TV

“I started actually praying for her and everybody else on the road and making sure, praying, hoping everyone would be OK,” Bass said. “Oh, Lord. Please put a hedge of protection around that car, Father God.”

Moments later the swerving driver turned right in front of an oncoming car.

Denney said, “I knew she was going to get hit when she cut that car off; it just happened so quickly.”

Bass and Denney were not injured but the two women in the other cars were taken to the hospital.

Police have not yet confirmed what led to the woman’s erratic driving.

“She was just sitting there with her phone in her hand, so I don’t know if she was texting or if she grabbed it after it all happened,” Denney said.

Officers are still investigating and have not said if the driver will face any charges.

Source: WTAE, WGN-TV and CNN