Parent says school assignment to take inventory of medicine cabinet invaded privacy

Posted at 8:17 PM, Oct 23, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-23 22:17:41-04

MAPLETON, Utah  – A homework assignment sparked a storm of social media controversy after a concerned parent posted it on Facebook.

Students at a Mapleton Junior High School in Utah County were asked to take inventory of the things inside their family medicine cabinet and then turn that list into their health teacher.

A parent, Onika Nugent, was not pleased with the assignment, so she posted the assignment on Facebook and sent a note to the teacher and the principal.

She shared a portion of the letter she sent school officials: “I said, 'Although it may be a good idea for parents to do an inventory of their medicine cabinet, I believe it is inappropriate for students to counsel their parents, or report to the school what that inventory is. It is a complete invasion of privacy.'"

Part of the conversation online centered around whether or not the assignment was part of a larger curriculum. Nugent said the school has since responded and said the teacher made the assignment and the form herself and that it wasn’t part of a larger curriculum.

Lana Hiskey, a communication specialist for Nebo School District, said they appreciate the parent’s concerns.

“Sometimes we're blindsided, we don't know if a teacher is giving something out that they shouldn't be doing, ” Hiskey said. “And so we absolutely want parents to come forward, let us know.... I wouldn't be comfortable having my own children go through my medicine cabinet.”

FOX 13 News' Max Roth has more details on the issue and the discussion it sparked on Facebook, see the video above for his report.