Quadruplet mom-to-be has emergency surgery to save babies

Posted at 3:28 PM, Oct 23, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-23 18:07:31-04

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah — The Utah mom whose reaction to an ultrasound went viral has undergone emergency surgery in an effort to save her babies.

Ashley Gardner had surgery Wednesday.

Thursday dad-to-be Tyson Gardner posted a video on the family’s YouTube account saying there were still four little heartbeats after the surgery. Great news.

Here is what Tyson had to say before the ultrasound after surgery.

Back in July, Ashley and Tyson Gardner found out an in-vitro fertilization attempt was successful and that they were pregnant with quadruplets, made up of two sets of twins.

Their story and photos capturing the their reactions went viral.

Now, Ashley is 19 weeks pregnant.

According to ABC News, doctors this week found signs of twin-to-twin syndrome in one of the two sets of twins she is carrying.

The condition occurs when there is a blood supply imbalance between the babies.

Ashley underwent surgery Wednesday to help correct the condition and, according to dad, mom and babies are doing just fine.

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Source: WJW and ABC News